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About Us


With clever solutions we have revolutionized the traditional methods of packaging and transport.

Care and Professionalism.

Our mission is to meet the expectations of those who select us and provide them with the utmost care and professionalism

No Limitations.

We collect, store, pack and deliver merchandise to and from anywhere in the world.

Turnkey Solutions.

The complete service:
• wharehousing
• packaging
• transporting
• installing

SetGo started as a small family business back in 2006.


The family business was consolidated, making history by revolutionizing the traditional methods of packaging and transport. In 2009 the business gets a new image and brand. Today we are known as SetGo.


SetGo works in the areas of personalized packaging and transport, offering our customers adapted, smart solutions, tailored to them and their business needs.

For SetGo the cargo is not just mere merchandise but objects of value to those who want or need to transport them. We take our calling to the extreme: we are in the market to suit each client individually.

Our mission is, and will always be, to innovate, meet the expectations of those who select us and provide them with the utmost care and professionalism.

In a globalized world, we make a difference by creating the right package and providing the best transport service for your objects. This is the signature feature that firstly distinguishes SetGo from other transport and logistics companies: the manufacture and personalization of packaging. We raised the bar in regards to the concept of personalized packaging.

Given the success and market demand, SetGo continues to evolve. Today we collect, pack and deliver merchandise from and to anywhere in the world.

For SetGo there are no limitations. We have carefully packaged and safely delivered all sorts of objects.

The moJo was born, “Clever Pack, Easy Go.”

No mission is impossible…

We have carefully packaged and
safely delivered all sorts of objects.


– Home Furnishing
– Hotel Logistics
– Office Relocations
– Instalation Services

Luxury Goods

Fine Arts


We do




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